DUI Defense

DUI Lawyer serving Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee & Indian River Counties

DUI cases are winnable, and it is possible to have a Florida DUI charge dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. But this does not happen just because the driver is an otherwise good person and needs "a break." DUI charges have become quite the political "hot potato," and most prosecutors will rubber stamp and endorse the arresting officer's findings by prosecuting the case as charged. An experienced Treasure Coast DUI Defense attorney, however, can expose certain defects in the State's case that the prosecutor may otherwise not have seen. In fact, there are many defenses to a DUI arrest that could lead to a successful result in your case. But you must hire an experienced DUI attorney who will take the time to meet with you and review the case item by item, and know what to look for. With his practice solely dedicated to criminal law and his experience defending the rights of people accused of a DUI on the Treasure Coast, Attorney David Golden is the right attorney to fight for you from the beginning to the very end.